What is Animal Liberation.ist?

There have always been humans who reject the abuse of other animals, and more importantly, physically intervene to stop further abuse. Part of our mission at Animal Liberationist is to discover, preserve, and share the stories of that intervention. We do this in part by finding the physical media produced by movements working for animals to digitize and share for free on our site, but we are more than that!

Besides archiving media that documents the liberation of non-humans, we also exist to highlight the distinct and diverse global cultures (and subcultures) that have developed around militant struggles for non-humans.

Can I print and distribute the stuff I find on here?

You sure can, the important thing is that these publications don’t fade into obscurity.

Wasn’t this site called something else?

There have been two prior names for this same project, The Talon Conspiracy and Conflict G*psy. Animal Liberationist continues both previous sites and seeks to improve upon them.

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